2018 Sage Assembly: Algorithms and the Role of the Individual

♦ Hosted by Sage Bionetworks

The 2018 Sage Assembly: Algorithms and the Role of the Individual was held in Seattle on April 19 – 21. Together we explored the expanding impact of algorithms – positive and negative, on our personalized healthcare and life decisions. 

Videotapes of the Assembly are available online, together with the agenda and presenter bios

Background on the Sage Assembly:

A Sage Assembly is not a normal conference. You can expect anything from rapid-fire presentations to in-depth keynotes; informal networking opportunities to engaging participant activities. We are committed to having our participants leave with personal connections in areas they did not expect, and with new insights and strategies to employ in their own important work. Our attendees come from a variety of sectors – science, education, social impact, the arts, and more. The commonality is the desire to impact change in their respective areas.

The 2018 Assembly will focus on the expanding impact of algorithms on our personalized healthcare and life decisions.  We are in the midst of a transformation brought on by a growing mass of digital information. Algorithms can harness this information to govern and inform our choices but are often developed in a nontransparent manner that obstructs the ability to identify biases or evaluate appropriate use. In our three days together, we will convene a conversation on how this shift toward algorithmically guided decision-making affects our health, our politics, our libraries, and how we know what we think we know in the sciences. 

The 2018 Assembly was the eighth in a series of open innovation events hosted by Sage Bionetworks. Learn more about the history of the Sage Assembly events.