2017 Assembly: Mapping Open Research Ecosystems

April 20 – 22, 2017 – Seattle, WA
Hosted by Sage Bionetworks
Assembly Hashtag: #SageAssembly

Videos of plenary sessions and are panel talks are available online now.

In 2017, we will bring the Assembly to Seattle, Sage Bionetworks’ home base, and back to the themes closest to us: open innovation in science, and the acceleration of health research through open systems, incentives and  standards.  Together, we will explore how open ecosystems form, where they work, and what boundaries are necessary to operate them successfully. We will also address the consequences, intended or otherwise, of living in more open ways. As always you can expect the unexpected at a Sage Assembly – with a focus on participant interaction, engaging panels, lots of interaction, and an afternoon outside the venue where we will work in teams on projects that explore our themes in non-traditional ways.

2017 Speakers include: Kelly Dobson, MIT Media Lab; Aled Edwards, Structural Genomics Consortium; Kadija Ferryman, Data & Society Research Institute; David Haussler, UC Santa Cruz; Steven Keating, MIT; Sean McDonald, Frontline SMS; Jaykumar Menon, XPRIZE; Eric Topol, The Scripps Research Institute; and Elizabeth Yeampierre, UPROSE. See all presenter profiles.

Background: The 2017 Sage Assembly is the seventh in a series of Open Innovation events held by Sage Bionetworks, starting with the Commons Congresses held annually in San Francisco from 2010 to 2013.  In 2015, we took the themes beyond innovation in open science, to examine how three trends – large-scale data, social networks, and  novel institutional power structures – relate to open research, open education, and open social impact, and held the first Open Assembly in Paris.   Then, in 2016, the Assembly moved to Shenzhen China and collectively explored a central issue of the 21st century – the environment.  We focused on the ubiquity of and the knowledge to be gained from personal sensors, and how this form of open learning can be applied to address issues of real concern.   Prior Assembly presentations are archived on the individual Assembly sites.

2017 Hartwell Award for Open Innovation

2017 recipients of the Hartwell Award for Open Innovation will be recognized:  Michelle Obama, who has used her platform as first lady to advocate for poverty awareness, nutrition, physical activity and healthy eating; and Dave Eggers, for supporting creative writing and critical thinking through educational programs, and in promoting mechanisms which bring human rights issues to light.  

The award namesake, Nobel laureate Leland Hartwell was a founding director of Sage Bionetworks and the 2015 Open Assembly Co-Chair.  Dr. Hartwell is former president and director at the Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center and currently chief scientist at the Biodesign Institute, Sustainable Health at Arizona State University.  
Former recipients include Jessica Jackley for her work with Kiva using microlending to empower entrepreneurs across the globe, and Bill Drayton as founder and chair of ASHOKA, Innovators for the Public; and Christiana Figueres for her tireless efforts in support of collaborative and global action on climate change as Executive Secretary United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change.